The Awesomeness of August


As we welcomed the spurt of rainfall and jostled through the traffic to come to work, it was always bright and sunny inside the MakeMyTrip office! With celebrations and festivities doing the rounds, the awesomeness of August was colourful and sweet. Honouring the theme of the month, “Integrity”, Trippers celebrated Independence Day with great pomp and show. Not only was the Gurgaon office decorated with tricolour kites, patriotic Trippers were dressed in colours of saffron, white and green across the region.

Continuing with the festivities, Rakhi and Eid were next in line. Lady Trippers were all geared with fancy rakhis to make unsuspecting victims their official bhaiyas. Aside from a few sobs and heartbreaks, the day was a lot of fun. Eid brought with it delicious biryani and seviyaan. Trippers also collected Eidi for those less fortunate, which was distributed to children outside the Palam Vihar mosque.

Trippers celebrated Olympic fever and upheld the spirit of integrity and sportsmanship with a weekly Olympic quiz. Though not on the tracks, we gave each other good competition to claim the prizes.

Integrity is more than just a moral value at MakeMyTrip – it’s a way of life. Taking this thought forward, a lifestyle management session was conducted in association with Max Healthcare. The aim of was to spread awareness and encourage Trippers to work towards achieving a work-life balance.

August also saw eco-friendly Trippers participating in a tree plantation drive at the Aravalli Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon where almost a hundred saplings were planted.

As we bid adieu to August, there are hopes and excitement galore for September. There’s never a dull moment at MakeMyTrip. That’s for sure!

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