Happy Women’s Day, 2012!


She’s a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and even the President of India. What’s more? She heads departments, she’s an engineer, she writes, she calls; she makes trips at our very own MakeMyTrip. She’s you and she’s me. And she is a lady.

Celebrated on March 8 every year, International Women’s Day (IWD) provides a special opportunity to commemorate the progress and success of women around the world. Although each day celebrates womanhood and the myriad roles of a woman, IWD sets a day apart, to make the celebrations bigger. It is also a moment to stop and reflect on how to make this world a better place for all womankind, for now and for posterity, and help women reach their full potential.

Here’s wishing our lady trippers out there a very, very happy women’s day! Thanks to Holi, the day off on Friday and the weekend, this is going to be somewhat of an extended celebration or what we call celebrating the spirit of womanhood, in true MMT style! Sessions of retail therapy, traveling, cleaning the house and even work, are on the agenda of some of our lovely lady trippers, this long weekend.

And while we enjoy our day off this Friday, ourdashing gentlemen colleagues, who will be in office, get to enjoy a special lunch, on the house.

MakeMyTrip is like a level playing field, providing an environment where all men and women employees are equal and work in tandem to drive the organisation towards success. While one gets a day off, the other gets a free lunch! Here’s an excerpt from my conversation with my colleague, Siddharth:

Me: “I get the day off on Friday! In your face!”

Sid: “I get a free lunch on Friday. In YOUR face!”


So, here we go. We are all equal. Well, almost! 

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