Welcome iPhone 6, We’ve Been Waiting For 10 Months!


Finally the long wait is over. The latest version of Apple iPhone was announced recently, which means that developers have to think hard on how to prepare new sites and apps and resize the existing screen.Now that’s a lot of effort and investment! And the same story will repeat itself when iPhone7 is launched in the future. Analysts project that Apple will sell 60 to 70 million new phones worldwide before the end of 2014.  The big question is – are you ready?

The answer to that is, yes, we are prepared! After the release of a bigger and faster iPhone 6, a new upgrade cycle will begin and more consumers will visit the MakeMyTrip site from a mobile device. All thanks to Mobile First, a technology that we have worked on over the past 10 months. The latest live site of Hotels, Flights, and Payment is an example of that.

In a universe of multiple devices, Mobile First is the best way to minimize the time and cost of future redesign. The technology lets the website respond to its environment and adapts smoothly.One of our favorite quotes by Bruce Lee sums up our thoughts:


“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; you put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.”

Since the site is going to be around for a long time, we need to consider how device resolutions will change and either take those into account while designing, or provide a system that is adaptable.

The core concept of responsive design is to fit any screen at any resolution, both current and future. Most of the time, designing for breakpoints violates that concept because you’re designing for a breakpoint or an arbitrary width.
To achieve responsiveness, we are using a Frontend Framework called Bootstrap 3.0.


Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases. It includes predefined classes for easy layout options, as well as powerful mixins for generating more semantic layouts. The following table summarizes aspects of how Bootstrap grid system works across multiple devices:


The challenge that we faced earlier was that Bootstrap serves mobile view from 480 to 767 resolutions. This means that a single column which looks fine on an iPhone 4/5 may look distorted on a Samsung Galaxy phone with 760 screen resolution. We decided to work on a new breakpoint from 480 to 767 resolutions since we didn’t want to introduce new custom grids. Then, we extended some grid classes from tablet to mobile to meet our expectation and wrote several CSS classes with the suffix named – stb (small tablet).

Now, the device-width for the new iPhone is:

iPhone 6: 375px(portrait),667px(landscape) iPhone 6 Plus:414px(portrait),736px(landscape)

We anticipated such measurements well ahead of time and designed accordingly. Hence, no matter when Apple launches iPhone7, we are ready for it as well. Also, with the ever changing consumer needs, mobile devices are also expected to change. Under such circumstances, Mobile First technology is the best to way to go.


Customize and Download


Online Testing Tools:


Cross Browser Compatibility of HTML5, CSS3, SVG


Halls Of Hackathon: A Non-Techie Encounters Personify:D

Disclaimer: The author of this post would like to confess that his knowledge of the magical world of code and computing begins and ends with MS Word. So, dear readers, if you are looking for an insider’s account filled with in-depth analysis on the vagaries of hacking and code, here’s where to go.

All said and done, it was a pretty cool event. For a non-techie, there was plenty of sorcery happening, with spells like APIs and BigData being discussed with abandon. The night was spent amidst furious tappings of the keyboard, while tense and haggardly faces discussed demo sessions and data structures. Sleep was not an option.

In the end, though, the exhausted coders brought something new in to MakeMyTrip – a new product, a culmination of all those brainstorming sessions and coding fabrics and sleepless night(s).

Something new, you see.

But rather than give you an exhaustive account of what happened (which will mostly include stuff like ‘that computer thingy’, ‘that other technobabble’ and ‘God, I wish I wasn’t so very technologically-challenged’), I’ll let the pictures spell out what happened:


 The pre-Hackathon pep talk


The teams talk strategy


The race is on!


But there”s always time to lounge and smile


And grab some shut-eye whenever team members aren’t looking


Oh, the stress!


The hackers converge for the presentation


Pitching products


When all the hackers converged for a group photo


Kudos to the Personify:D team!

PersonifyD: A Non-Sleepy Account Of The Hackathon

24 hours of coding, creating an innovative solution, and unlimited food. What more could you want from a hackathon? Trippervilla witnessed the culmination of a 24-hour coding fest from 8-9 August, 2014. Here is a nearly accurate recollection of how it all started and ended.


The pillars of PersonifyD: Ideate, Create and Amaze

12 noon – The teams were formed and as it always happens in the beginning, the energy levels were reaching a sky high. The initial wireframes for the mobile and website applications were made and were given to the designers, who could breathe life into mere squares and rectangles on the paper.

2 PM – The work behind the beautiful interfaces had started its rapid rise. Coders had started their marathon on a blank screen. Lunch could take a back seat as there were variables that were not assigned a proper value. Many features had yet to be added.

4 PM – After discussing the additional features and the estimated time to code them, we got back to writing letters, numbers and special characters that would not have made sense to someone, who had missed Computer Programming 101.

The first demo translated the primary ideas into a presentable format

The first demo translated the primary ideas into a presentable format

6 PM – The first demo session provided the much needed break. The designs were still in their crude form and there was more coding to be done, which meant a few more smoke breaks would follow. The picture of the final product was becoming clearer as time passed and fresh changes were far better than the initial thoughts.

8 PM – We dispersed for dinner, with the thought of eating less and the available food helped. The dinner table talk had nothing to do with the usual office gossip. It was about what the next six hours would contain apart from the multiple caffeine getaways to keep us awake.

dinner break

The much needed dinner break!

10 PM – The first caffeine break had done no good. The speed of coding had reduced diminutively, but the passion for building something innovative and effective was still driving us. A visit from the members of the L-team helped encourage us move past the post dinner lethargy.

12 midnight – Time for debugging. We were checking whether or not the code was functioning as it was supposed to. Like all great things have some obstacles, some features were not functioning as they were programmed or not programmed to do.

visit from lteam

Just as sleep was about to take over, a visit from the L-Team members inspired us

2 AM – Keeping our eyes open had been added to the list of to-do things. The changes after debugging had begun; code was being fixed with a cup of black coffee in one hand. After 14 hours of no sleep and more than 10 cans of Red Bull, the search for the wings that were promised in the advert had begun. The coders and designers were working in tandem to create the first version of their application incorporating the changes after the first debugging session.

4 AM – The second round of debugging had begun, and there were a few changes that still had to be coded. We had moved past the normal sleeping time and now there was very less or no trace of sleep. We were aware of the last minute changes that would creep in, so the major part of the coding had to be done before that phase had to begin.

6 AM – After 18 hours of coding, we had the feeling that 24 hours would not be enough to finish it. After multiple coding and debugging sessions, we were nearing the final product, which could turn out to be MMT’s next big thing or that is what every team was thinking.


It was really hard for a few of us! Sometimes sleep got the better of us

8 AM – Breakfast time! Another break that was taken reluctantly because functioning on Red Bulls and coffee is not advisable by any sane medical practitioner. The conversations had become silent and now it was about a working product which had the potential to become big. Show time was nearing.

10 AM – We were two hours away from submission. Final changes were being made to the applications and the scenes in the UX bay portrayed a post-apocalyptic phase. All that remained was code. It was a race against time to build a working solution that could bring the next big change or at least give a glimpse of it.

12 noon – Submission Time! Every team put in their working applications forth and readied themselves for the big demo. 24 hours had passed, but the real test was still left. The pizzas had arrived and the idea of lunch had never sounded better.

the demo sessions

With 19 innovative entries, choosing a winner was a tough task

After 19 demos and a few power naps amidst the demos, the hackathon had come to a productive end. If you are wondering about the winners, here they are:

Winners – Vibhor, Sumit Gupta

Runners Up – Prabhat, Sanchit Bansal, Vineeta Sangwan


The winners are all smiles after receiving their gifts


Nothing says ‘Well Done’ like an Apple product

7 Ways of Spreading Chaos: The Ibn Battuta Treasure Hunt

What do you get when you spread a bunch of knick-knacks across three floors and challenge 70 people to go hunt for them?

Pandemonium, that’s what.

That would be an apt word to describe the IB 300 Days Treasure Hunt, held on 25th June in MakeMyTrip’s Gurgaon office.

Now, we could launch into a long-winded description of the event, the frantic strategy meetings, the triumphant yells and desperate curses, the number of innocent passers-by flattened against the wall as one team after another raced from floor to floor, and the nail-biting fight to the finish…

But we won’t. Not today.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking instead.


 Rule#1: Let your attention wander as they try to explain the rules


  Rule#2: Find yourself in a spot since you didn’t listen to the rules


 Rule#3: Turn meeting rooms upside-down. Feel free to trouble occupants in the process…


 Rule#4: Be lost in thought as you decipher gibberish clues


 Rule#5: Rush to the nearest Hunt Helper for hints


 Rule#6: Honour hard-working Hunt Helpers for their handiness


 Rule#7: Applaud gender diversity. Madam Battuta says ‘howdy’.

Tripper Represents India at Fencing World Championship 2014

These days Deepak Saini, Manager-Technology Department, has been extremely busy. No, it’s not the many projects that are taking up all his time. For those of you who aren’t already aware, Deepak has been selected to represent India at the Fencing World Championship 2014 at Kazan, Russia. The event which is scheduled to take place from July 15- July 23, 2014 will see participation from over 110 countries!

Deepak Saini, all geared up for the Fencing World Championship in Russia

Deepak Saini, all geared up for the Fencing World Championship in Russia

Deepak started fencing from the tender age of 10 and there has been no stopping him ever since. He has participated in events at the state and national level and has won several medals, including bronze medals at the 23rd and 24th Senior National Fencing Championship held in Rohtak and J & K, respectively.

“Fencing is my first love. I love this sport because of its unique combination of elegance, tactics, concentration and coordination.”

Deepak Saini in action during a Fencing tournament

Deepak Saini in action during a Fencing tournament

At MakeMyTrip we constantly encourage Trippers to pursue their passion, going beyond work life. We are proud to sponsor and support Deepak as he embarks on his mission for national pride.

Here’s wishing Deepak all the very best from the entire MMT Family! It’s your turn to show your support by sharing this post with your friends and family.

We shall be back with all the inside scoop once Deepak returns from Russia. Watch this space for more…